What to expect from your interview process…

We aim to give you the best opportunity to push your limits and show your talent. Our recruitment process is designed with that in mind, from the moment you apply, to the moment you join the Evolyst journey.



When you apply to one of our advertised roles, we look for unique individuals who push the company forward on all levels. We will look at skills and experience, but for us, who you are as an individual is more important. Being able to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and gain a passion for growth and development is vital for us if you’re looking to join the Evolyst journey.

If you are interested in joining our award-winning team but there are no vacancies available that suit you, don’t be afraid to submit your CV. We are always on the lookout for new talent and there may be a chance that you are exactly what we’re looking for. 



Once we receive your CV, a member of our management team will review it, and decide whether you are a potential fit. If your CV is accepted we will let you know using the contact details you have provided us, and give you more information on our four-stage interview process.

Stage 1: Telephone Screening

This first stage is an informal telephone interview, estimated at around 15 minutes, so both yourself and our team can double check that the role is right for you.


Stage 2: Informal Chat 

Our next part of the interview process involves an informal chat, usually lasting around 30 minutes, in a relaxed environment, like a coffee shop. This second stage will involve yourself, a line manager and a director and allows you to get to know us, and us to get to know you.

Stage 3: We show you

The third stage of the interview process involves a 30 minute chat with some of the team and the line manager. During this stage, we will show you what project(s) we are working on, our practices, the technologies we use and our mission and culture.

This is the stage for you to ask further questions about Evolyst, to see whether or not you feel like you could be part of the team. 

Stage 4: You show us 

The final part of the interview process involves an open ended discussion, usually lasting just over one hour, where you get to show us how you would fit the team and what you would do in certain situations. For example;

Software developer: How would you implement x feature in application y? What problems could you potentially face, and how would you overcome them? What design patterns would you use? 

Marketing: How would you come up with fresh, creative ideas? How would you deal with budget restrictions? How would you ensure work is completed on time?

HR: How would you manage mental health in the organisation? What problems could you face in ensuring office safety? How would you deal with a member of staff that is consistently underperforming? 


Before this final stage, we will send you a set of questions so that you have some time to think how best you can show us your skills. Each set of questions will be tailored to the role you are applying for, so you will only have to answer questions that are relevant to you!




After you complete the interview process those involved in the process will get together to make a decision on your application. At this point we may be in contact with you again if we need some further information from you to make sure the decision is as fair as possible. Once we have made a decision you will be contacted either way, so as to ensure you are not left waiting.

We will invite you to feedback on our process as we are constantly looking to challenge and improve it, whether you have been accepted or not. If your application is not successful, we will ensure to keep your CV in mind for future roles and opportunities if you are still interested in becoming part of the team.



If you have been successful in your interview, this where the fun begins!